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RAL Property Services,LLC is owned and operated by Roger A, Lakin, an entrepreneur all his life and has been in the landscaping and lawn care business since 1980. R&R Lawn Care was the first business build literally from the ground up, starting with just a few lawn mowers At R+R took care of all the landscaping.  After many years in the business, Roger decided he would rather his company focus on the health and "long-term” beauty of the lawn, trees and shrubs, rather than purely aesthetics. He always a talent and passion for the horticulture and
turf management that he studied in college. 

So in 1994 , RAL Lawn and Shrub Care was born. Where you don’t get just some kid throwing fertilizer on your lawn, you will receive programs tailored to your lawn's specific needs, and your budget. Where your ornamental trees and shrubs don’t just get ignored and left to fend for themselves. Instead they’ll get customized treatment plans depending on the disease or pest that is plaguing them.And by applicators who are fully licensed and certified by the State of Michigan in accordance with the state's strict regulations for the application of pesticides.

With a mission of providing high quality lawn care at reasonable prices, while minimizing pesticides usage by spot treating infested areas rather than blanket applying to your entire lawn. By staying true to the mission statement, we're making less of an impact on both our customers’ wallets and the environment, while helping to keep your property beautiful, because a healthy lawn is a beautiful lawn.

Keeping with his entrepreneurial spirit, Roger decided to open a second “branch” of his business. This time making something more beautiful and healthy inside the home, the floors. Thus, in 2010, came Clean Right Carpet Cleaning. He set out to make his cleaning company a level above any other. So, he purchased  the most powerful, state of the art equipment on the market, hired an  experienced team, and began training and received a number of certifications. An example of certifications Clean Right possesses are for ALL 3 categories of water damage restoration by IICRC (The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certifications). From just water damage from a leaky water tank to sewer  back-ups. He is on-call  24/7  for these water emergencies, because after a flooding incident it’s not just cleaning up the mess, but in a lot of cases extracting the water and assess the severity of your situation that is the real emergency. All with goal to "not just get the carpets the cleaned but cleaned right", hence the name, Clean Right Carpet Cleaning.

Something that also truly sets Clean Right apart from other cleaning companies, is having experienced professional flooring installers with 20+ years of experience on staff.
Which mean he is able to offer  more options to his customers, while saving them time and money.

In addition to Carpet Steam Cleaning, Carpet Encapsulation Cleaning, Clean Right’s many other services include:
Carpet Installation     ♦     Carpet Repair,
Carpet Re-Stretching         ♦       Tile & Grout Cleaning,
Hardwood Floor Installation   ♦   Hardwood Floor Repair
♦  Hardwood Floor (chemical) Refinishing   ♦
Hardwood Floor Screening (water based) Refinishing 
Installation of VCT Tile, laminates, and other engineered flooring 

You would be hard pressed to find another carpet cleaning company that can perform all of the services in the same visit with same team.



Thank you for taking the time to get to know RAL Property Services. Whether we are lucky enough to already have you as a valued customer or you are not yet a part of the family, we hope to have the opportunity to show you that we are experienced professionals that get the job done right the first time, no matter what that job maybe.


Please feel free to call Roger with any questions, concerns, inquiries on services or a water emergency @ 248-990-8533
Or the office @ 248-584-3506


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