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Carpet Repairs & Re-Stretching

Are you tired of seeing that seem in middle of your floor, tripping over lumps and bumps in your carpeting or seeing that ugly spot you just can not hide with furniture?

Carpet Re-Stretching

Either from sub-par installation service or just over time, wrinkles or bumps may show up in your carpet. Commonly next to heavy furniture and high traffic areas, they become an eyesore and a hazard. Carpet stretching is a process which can be used to smooth out unsightly bumps and wrinkles in your carpet.

Seam Repairs

Burn Marks/ Dye or Paint or Permanent Discolorations/ Bleach Spots

Burns are unsightly and can be caused by a number of reasons. And any one with pets ,kids or even just living knows that some way some how, one day you may end up with some type of stain or discoloration that you just can not do any thing about. But, replacing your carpet is very expensive,you can not do that every time "life" happens. Besides that may not be the best solution for you and your family, so don’t replace it... we can repair it!
We can take a piece of "donor carpet" that either you or your installer saved from when that carpet was installed or may be a hall closet. We would then cut out the burn or stain in the carpet and patch, making it look as though nothing ever happened.

Pet Damage Repairs

You love your pets, but sometimes having pets can be destructive to your floors. Some common problems we are called on to repair come from the 4 legged variety. whether its  open seams, carpet ripples to bald spots or the other problems we also handle like carpet steam cleaning with  stain and odor removal.


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