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Encapsulation is fast becoming the method of choice for maintaining carpets.


Encapsulation cleaning ( low or "Dry Carpet Cleaning") is a great option for not so heavily trafficked carpet. 
Encapsulation is a green technology that works well for light to moderately trafficked areas. this option requires less energy, no water, no truck mounted extraction system which saves more time and making this the best carpet cleaning option for the price period.

We us deep cleaning dry compounds embedded with cleaning agents that lift and separate soil from fibers then absorbs into the compound for easy removal. 
The polymers began literally encapsulating (crystallizing) soil particles into dry residues on contact working like "tiny sponges", the deep-cleaning compound crystals dissolve and absorb dirt prior to its removal from the carpet. Dry residue can be vacuumed immediately.  If there are a little more heavily soiled areas, pre-treating can assist the cleaning process.

Clean Right uses the Brush Pro 20 (Pictured above), the highest quality Industrial Counter Rotating Brush Machine on the market today.

The Brush Pro's heavy-duty motor spins the two 20" cylindrical brushes at an incredible 380 RPM to quickly and thoroughly clean all sides of the carpet fiber. The agitation of the brushes penetrate deeper and deeper into the carpet.

When it comes to business (or just a busy household), the super quiet operation of the Brush Pro, professionalism of Clean Right's crew and nearly instantaneous drying time allows you to have the carpets cleaned during business hours; or simply where hot water extraction is just not feasible, the lack of wet residue leads to less re-soiling of the carpet.

Encapsulation cleanings starts at 12¢ per Sq.Ft


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