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Hardwood Floor Services

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Hardwood Floor Repairs
Board Replacement
(For more heavily damaged boards)
(Left from,example a cable technician, using color match epoxy)

Hardwood Floor Re-Finishing
Chemical Re-Finishing
Water-Based Re-Finishing

Hardwood Sealing

Hardwood Floors are a beautiful and big investment to your home,
and for that reason you need to keep them properly maintained on a regular basis.

Clean Right can also help to bring your hardwoods back to life. No matter how severe the damage may seem. From slight scratches through out the room or staining in multiple areas from the puppy the kids just had to have. to full restoration from water damage do to flooding.
Give us a call today to REPAIR & REVIEVE your hard wood floors. At 249-990-8533 call 7 days a week.

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