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Pet Odors and Urine Removal, 
Even if you try and clean up your pets "accident" as soon as it happens, you still may be left with a lingering odor that you just can't get rid of no matter what you do. 
Well, we can help. Not only will a Rotary Steam Cleaning help to improve the smell and cleanliness of your carpet but, we also have specialized techniques and green chemicals to efficiently remove odors from your carpet and just as importantly your pad.
Sometimes, the problem is that the urine has made its way deep down into the pad or the wood underneath and the only way to make sure the smell doesn't make its way back up to the surface and fill the room again is to lift the carpet and replace the pad and or sub-floor.

Give us a call and in any case we will help to make your house smell like a home again. 248-990-8533

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