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Your furniture is a big investment, particularly your living or family room furniture. And a big part of your everyday life, you and your family probably spend many hours a week resting or playing and sometimes, unfortunately even having to sleep on the couch.
And in spending this much time on or with anything, there is no doubt your once beautiful sofas, chairs or ottomans are going to get dirty. I
t's practically a given that something will eventually get accidentally spilled, dripped or wiped.






It is not just the spots and stains that call the need for an upholstery cleaning; you may have cleaned up a mess on your own that can not be seen anymore, but there is something lingering....That smell you cant quite put your finger on may be coming from your furniture.
Unpleasant odors can ruin a piece of furniture. These odors, whether caused by urine, feces, vomit, sour milk, or the like—can be treated. CLEAN RIGHT employs powerful deodorizers that use enzymes that actually digest the organic matter that’s contributing to the odor, returning your furniture to a fresh state.​


No matter how or why it got there, CLEAN RIGHT's
got you covered.

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